Steering & Suspension


  • Upper Suspension Joints and any other suspension components which can be inspected from under the bonnet.
  • Security of steering rack or box and mountings
  • Excessive play in steering rack or box
  • Play in steering joints

Any other parts of the steering system that can be seen from under the bonnet


    • Front & Rear Suspension
    • No split pins, nuts etc missing.
    • No bent or broken components.
    • Condition of road springs
    • Condition of suspension joints for excessive play etc
    • Shock absorbers for leakage & security
    • Shock absorbers for damping action
    • Excessive play in rack/steering joints under load test
    • Excessive lift/play in the steering box
    • Power steering for leaks etc
    • Security of Rack/Box and mounting areas for corrosion or cracking
    • Wheels and tyres for fouling vehicle body/hoses etc on lock to lock
    • Condition of front and rear wheel bearings regarding play and noise

    • Steering rack gaiters for splits, leakage, security etc
    • Front outer C V boots for splits, leakage, security etc
    • Metal/Rubber bushes for excess play or wear
    • Locking or retaining devices
    • Front drive shafts and C V joints (if applicable)
    • Steering wheel in good condition
    • Steering wheel securely attached to column
    • Upper column bearings/bush for excess play
    • Steering column for excess end float
    • Clamping bolts checked for security
    • Locking nuts and split pins
    • Free play in steering
    • Flexible couplings/universal joints for excess play

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